The Friday Game

Enjoy quality time with the kids in your life in just five minutes for zilch dollars

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Part 1: Trivia! 1 point for each correct answer
1. Who was the lead lawyer in the Supreme Court case Brown versus Board of Education, which ruled that racial segregation in schools was unconstitutional?

(a) Clarence Thomas
(b) Thurgood Marshall
(c) William Rehnquist
(d) Barack Obama
2. Which of the following cases stands for the idea that if you can’t afford an attorney and you’ve been accused of a crime, then you’ll get an attorney paid by the state?

(a) Marbury versus Madison
(b) Gibbons versus Ogden
(c) Gideon versus Wainwright
(d) Miranda versus Arizona
3. Which of the following is not an objection used in court?

(a) Leading question
(b) Illogical Premise
(c) Calls for speculation
(d) Hearsay
Part 2: Debate! 3 points for the winning argument. Each player gets a turn to explain their position. Afterwards, players can cross-examine each other. Players can pick the same answer, but the player with the best reasoning will win.
4. What is the best holiday?
5. Which is the best of the four seasons?
6. What is the best method of transportation?
7. - Who is the best superhero?