The Friday Game

Enjoy quality time with the kids in your life in just five minutes for zilch dollars

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Part 1: Trivia! 1 point for each correct answer
1. The Cleveland Browns are named for legendary coach Paul Brown. In 1942, what football team did Paul Brown lead to a national championship?

(a) Cleveland Browns
(b) Pittsburgh Steelers
(c) Cincinnati Bengals
(d) Ohio State Buckeyes
2. Paul Brown is credited with what football invention?

(a) The forward pass
(b) The option
(c) Reviewing game film
(d) Today’s masked helmet
3. In 1995, then owner Art Modell moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore, where they became the Baltimore Ravens. In response, which Cleveland Mayor mounted a publicity protest that in part led to the NFL insitituing the Browns in 1999?

(a) Dennis Kucinich
(b) Joe Biden
(c) Michael White
(d) Frank White
4. The first owner of the Cleveland Browns was Mickey McBride, who made his fortune in what industry?

(a) Parking lots
(b) Importing and exporting
(c) Taxicabs
(d) Sugar
5. The colors of the Browns are traditionally brown and orange. However, what is the official shade of brown that the Browns use on their helmets?

(a) Chocolate brown
(b) Royal brown
(c) Houston Brown
(d) Seal brown
Part 2: Action! Five points for the winner of each question
6. The Browns are in the AFC Championship Game. Create a play by play call for the final play of the game (you get to pick what happens and who the Browns are playing) – joe thomas
7. Who is the best Browns player ever in the last 40 years? Each player gets a turn to explain their position. Afterwards, players can cross-examine each other. Players can pick the same character, but the player with the best reasoning will win.
8. On a piece of paper, write down as many current players on the Brown as you can