The Friday Game

Enjoy quality time with the kids in your life in just five minutes for zilch dollars

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Part 1: Trivia! 1 point for each correct answer
1. Where did Sam Seaborn go to college then law school?

(a) Harvard then Yale Law
(b) Yale then Harvard Law
(c) Princeton then Duke Law
(d) Duke then Princeton Law
2. What was CJ Cregg’s Secret Service codename?

(a) California
(b) Flamingo
(c) Basketball
(d) Dayton
3. How old was writer and creator Aaron Sorkin during Season 1 of the West Wing?

(a) 34
(b) 38
(c) 40
(d) 43
4. What type of doctor is Dr. Abigail Bartlet?

(a) emergency room doctor
(b) psychiatrist
(c) surgeon
(d) primary care doctor
5. Before helping with Bartlet’s first campaign for President, how many political campaigns had advisor Toby Ziegler helped win?

(a) 7
(b) 3
(c) 1
(d) 0
6. The President who succeeded Jed Bartlet won the Electoral College by what margin?

(a) 419-119
(b) 270-268
(c) 272-266
(d) 269-269
7. When CJ Cregg is asked what she would do with a check for $10 billion to help the world, what does she suggest?

(a) eliminate disease
(b) increase defense
(c) build roads
(d) provide universal basic income
Part 2: Debate! 3 points for the winning argument
8. Who is the best character in The West Wing, and more importantly, why? Each player gets a turn to explain their position. Afterwards, players can cross-examine each other. Players can pick the same character, but the player with the best reasoning will win.
Part 3: Reflect! 5 points for the best reflection
9. Which family member or individual you personally know in your life is most like President Bartlet – and more importantly, why?