The Friday Game

Enjoy quality time with the kids in your life in just five minutes for zilch dollars

It's easy - just pick your child's area of interest:

Tell me more about this Friday Game of which you speak. Must it be played only on Fridays? The suspense is killing me. I can't handle it - I'm on pins and needles.

Originally conceived as a class project by a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and further developed at the Harvard Innovation Labs, The Friday Game is a series of games designed to spark conversation between children and adults to improve connectedness. Basically, the goal is to have conversations that don't suck. And despite the name "The Friday Game," you can play it any day of the week. We think Fridays are cool and we also like games. That's all.

I still don't understand. You call it "The Friday Game" (singular), but there are a bunch of games on this website. So shouldn't it be "The Friday Games" (plural)?

Hi! How are you doing?! A quick, unrelated query: when you look in the mirror, do you see a carping, fastidious prick?

I am an aunt/uncle who wants to win the Hunger Games-esque competition to be the favorite aunt/uncle. Will The Friday Game help me achieve this objective?

HELL YEAH WE GUARANTEE IT WHY ELSE DO YOU THINK WE STARTED THIS?! In all seriousness, many of the game questions are designed so you can learn more about your niece/nephew/child and how they perceive the we truly hope that by playing maybe you'll feel just a wee bit closer to the little people in your life. And that's gotta count as some type of win, right? (Cue sappy music)

How much does this all cost?

3 + 7 + 2 - 12

What's the age range for these games?

Generally, ages 8 to adult -- and everyone, no matter their age -- can play together at the same time.

I hate this project so much that I want to send you a dead fish.

While we'd prefer constructive feedback and new game suggestions over slaughtered piscine flesh, some nincompoop once told us that the customer is always right, so mail that trout corpse here: anoo_vyas (at)